Finding the Ethereum address of a social money

If you want to find the token address of the social money you hold, you can do so by following the steps below for each of the social money you hold.



Step-by-step guide:

 1. Head over to Etherscan by typing in your browser. 

2. Write the name of the social money that you want to the contract address for in the search bar you’ll see in the middle of your screen. In this example, we’ll search for $HUE.


3. From the drop down menu that will appear, select the token you’re looking for. Keep in mind that all social money is minted as an ERC-20 token.



4. Once you’ve clicked on the token, you’ll be directed to the token’s page where you can find the token’s contract address under “Profile Summary” on your right hand side. 
As an extra way to verify that you’re in the right direction, check to see whether the total supply is 10M and that the number of decimals is 4.


Extra: For the tech savvy, you can use our under-construction API to quickly and accurately get the contract address for each social money without having to search on Etherscan. The UI is a work in progress, but it does the trick. Find it HERE.
To find the address of a specific token, simply add a "/" and the name of the token you want in the URL. (e.g ).

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