Why do I need to wait 48 hours to withdraw my social tokens?

We've made phenomenal strides in bringing the power of Ethereum to the more traditional "Web 2.0" world via social tokens. By signing up on Roll, you can send and receive social tokens as easily as sending a message or DM on traditional platforms.

Unfortunately, this comes with an increase in attempts to game the system by creating multiple fake accounts. In order to detect these activities and prevent any damage from them to the broader social token ecosystem, we have instituted a 48-hour wait to withdraw social tokens after you have created an account. This gives us time to look for suspicious account activity and take appropriate action.

We apologize for this inconvenience to the vast majority of our upstanding users and we understand that this seems to go against the philosophy of what some in the Ethereum community believe. However, given the fairly sophisticated attempts we've seen in the past and optimizing for things like the broader health of the ecosystem, we have instituted this policy to protect the creators on Roll. 

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