How is Roll handling the security of assets?

We’re using a combination of cold wallets and hot wallets to keep the social money stored on our platform safe. We also integrated with Fireblocks MPC (Multi-Party Computation) framework to manage our hot wallet and deposit addresses.

Fireblocks is a platform that offers financial institutions an all-in-one platform to run a digital asset business, providing them with infrastructure to store, transfer and issue digital assets. In particular, Fireblocks provides custody to institutional investors and has secured the transfer of over $1T in digital assets over time. Today, it has over 500 financial institutions as customers including global banks, crypto-native exchanges, lending desks, hedge funds, and OTC desks, as well as companies such as Revolut, BlockFi, Celsius, PrimeTrust, Galaxy Digital, Genesis Trading,, and eToro, among others. Visit the Fireblocks website for more info.

On top of the built-in security solutions provided by Fireblocks MPC, we have also created a new service that is capable of fine-grained control over what types of transactions can be signed. We will continue to build that service out as Roll integrates more complex transactions and contract function calls.

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